Dear friends! You are at a unique informational and analytical web-portal on social entrepreneurship, a new socio-economic trend for Russia and rather new trend for other countries.

Despite its young age (about 30 years), social entrepreneurship has spread around the globe and has positioned itself among such recognized phenomena as non-profit initiatives, philanthropy, venture philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

In the last decade Russia has already accumulated a rich experience in social initiatives. Having received the public recognition and support the non-profit sector is now considered to be a separate sector of the economy. Charity is becomming a phenomenon for every individual. All over the country corporations and companies are carrying out hundreds of socially important programs, taking responsibility for the welfare of society.

The question whether there are entrepreneurs in our country, whose primary goal is positive social changes, is still outstanding. We have created our portal to answer this question: to find such entrepreneurs, to support them and to give them an opportunity in the business world. We seek to help social entrepreneurs to find reliable associates in Russia and abroad and to create an enabling environment for the further development of social initiatives.

Recognizing the important role of such social phenomena as philanthropy or corporatesocial responsibility, we however distinguish the social entrepreneurship from these phenomena but find the common features. We hold the view that social entrepreneurship is not a charity, it rather stands between philanthropy and business, and that is what makes this business new. We are open to different concept interpretations, different points of view, actual examples, smart talks, and invite you to join it.

In other words, every interested reader - a scientist or an independent expert, a legislator or a journalist, a business or a non-profit professional - will be able to find useful information and food for thought.

Why is it called «New business»?

We called our portal "New business" to express our position on social entrepreneurship and to stress the special role of this business in positive changes. We are not claiming to be the ultimate truth, but nevertheless we believe that entrepreneurship with social mission has a great potential both in Russia and worldwide. This activity can encourage the emergence of a new type of entrepreneurs, people who can transform the reality, creating and offering new approaches and new solutions to social issues.

We strongly hope that we will see you not only as our readers but also as active authors and partners of our portal and would like to propose a comprehensive co-operation! We are confident that our joint participation in this project will help entrepreneurs’ initiatives in Russia to gain visible shapes.

“New business: social entrepreneurship” is Fund of regional social programs “Our Future” web-project.

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